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May Kids Camp

The kids doing ground work

Daphne getting her morning brushing from Trhin and Jubilee

Jamie and Ethan with Wrigley

Isabella and Tori with JR

Ace Trying to steal some food

Jubilee and Jamie

Ethan on Daphne

Bella getting instructions

working in the arena

Jubilee and JR

Working patterns

Tacking up

Miss Laurie and Ethan tacking up

Bill the cat was our Mascot

Tori on Daphne

demonstration on Ace

Ethan on Wrigley

Trhin and Bella

Getting Obie used to bags

Jamie making Daphne listen

Wrigley and Lindsey

Safety First

Riding in the round pen

The ladies working on their craft

The Crew

JR taking a bow

Ace tried to be a good boy

Tori on JR

Galloping Sam

Tori trotting JR

They improved so much!

Trhin holding JR