I am striving for excellence in an atmosphere where kids and adults can feel safe and have fun.  Whether you have a registered horse or a good ole’ back yard pony, I’m confident that by working together we can bring the best out of your horse. I start foals and I finish horses, and I train both Wester and English in many different disciplines. 

I've worked with every age and level of riding experience. I specialize in teaching my students how to school their horses so that whether they plan either simply to ride on trails or to compete in performance classes, both student and horse will reach their maximum potential. 

Horses can enhance a person's life physically and psychologically, whether that person is 7 or 70, but both horse and human must possess mutual respect and understanding. It is imperative that your horse respects you and that you are in control no matter what the circumstances. To accomplish this. I can help you learn how far your horse can be pushed, so that whatever the situation may be, you will be prepared and in charge. Horses are wonderful, but they are large animals, and if they are not trained properly, they can be dangerous.

Because each horse has unique needs there is no "cookie-cutter" method to training. I will take the time to develop a customized plan designed just for you and your horse. You can bring your horse to my arena for a lesson; you can leave your horse with me for a period of intense training; or I can come to your location, whichever plan suits your situation best. And if you don't have a horse, that's not a problem. I have wonderful lessons horses for beginners and advanced riders.

Horses are amazing creatures with so much personality! My goal is to teach you to embrace your horse's personality and help you build a strong, respectful, and long-lasting relationship.

Edgewood, New Mexico